May 1, 2015

Teen Art Night ∙ Le Vent Du Nord Concert

One of four image inspired from Dave Eggs' work that I prepared for Teen Art Night

Last week has been an eventful week for me. On Friday night, I led the Screenprint station for the annual Teen Art Night at the Nevada Museum of Art (NMA), presented by the Holland Project and the Museum’s Youth Arts Initiative.

The event featured 7 hands-on stations that include screenprint, shibori (indigo tie-dye), bookmaking (little journals, sketchbooks, & zines), button making, patches and wall hangings, bubble wrap fashion. The Holland Project also invited some of their favorite artists including Omar Pierce, Denali Gray Lowder, Ashley Westwood, Lisa Kurt, Maisie Allen, Michelle Lassaline to  to produce original art take-aways during the events.

For the screenprint station, I helped prepared with 4 screens inspired from works of Dave Eggers in his current exhibition Insufferable Throne of God at NMA.

During the event, I had from 4 - 7 volunteers to help with printing the four screens. We offered free t-shirts and posters and I did not anticipate that we would run out of everything by the end of the night. Many people (teens, adults, kids) came to our station and showed interest in the printing process. I was too busy I did not even have time to check out any of other stations at all. At one point, my friend Erin had to come in and helped us print as we were short on volunteers. Here are some shots from our own station:

Although it was really packed all the time, I enjoyed this experience very much. I was really thankful for all the volunteers that night. We had such a great crowd, and I was so glad that we had so much to offer (but we ran out of everything at the end of the event).

I had the chance to quickly stop by the bookbinding station, led by another member of the Black Rock Press crew, Jamie Shafer, and the live-drawing station by the group artists from the Holland Project right before the event wrapped up.

That night, I went home with some prints and a Lisa Kurt's drawing of my spirit animal, a fat cat (as always).

On the following night, the Black Rock Press crew visited the Fallon Art Center for the concert of Le Vent Du Nord, a Canadian folk music group from Quebec, as we celebrated Jaime's birthday (4/26). It was my first concert (ever!) and I was really happy with it (although I had no idea what they were singing - all songs were in French). Most of their songs were inspired by traditional Québécois music. To me, their music are "happy music," easy to follow and quite pleasant to listen to.

The Art Center also had quite some current exhibits (consider their relatively small space).

Here are some pictures of Catherine Schmid-Maybach's The Space Between &  Joan Arrizabalaga and Edw Martinez's But Wait... There's More exhibition.

Overall, I had a great weekend before heading into the week of finals of the spring semester. I'm finishing some projects and hope to post an update about some of the work I've done this semester soon.

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