June 1, 2015

Jun Showprint @ Holland Project

Earlier in the Spring, I was invited to participate in the Holland Project's Showprint, a monthly calendar featuring exciting events happenings around Reno (music, art, film, etc.). Each month, the Holland Project asks a different artist to carve a linoleum block, which will be printed in an edition of 200 on the back of the calendar.

I was asked to be the featured artist for this month and I decided to carve something that I haven't done for a long time. Below are some pictures of the block in progress and the printed version. We finished printing last week, and now the calendars are free and are deposited around Reno in various locations (Sundance BookstoreBibo CoffeeThe Black Rock Press). Go get one if you are around in Reno. Thanks to the folks at Holland Project for inviting me.

This is Boomer, our BRP manager's dog

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