January 28, 2015

Polka Dots Madness


Artist: Yayoi Kusama

 Kusama is one of the most respected living Japanese contemporary artists. I came across her exhibition named Obsession when I was in Hanoi, Vietnam during winter break of 2011. I was speechless when entering the gallery. It was an overwhelming experience. In her exhibition, circles were found everywhere, every surface, every corner, every wall, every objects. It was insanely intriguing. I learned that it's a psychological disorder as she could only see circles everywhere. She treats art as a meditation process to keep her sane. 

For me, I've always had interest in patterns, especially circles. Kusama's works opened the door to my obsession, and really inspired me to keep bringing this beautiful shape into my works. I love how she can embrace a single shape and turn it into such works that have huge impact on the viewers. Although I use circles with a different meaning and approach in my works, I'm inspired to continue pushing the boundary and hopefully create works with impact on the audience like Kusama does.

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