March 30, 2015

Sphere: SGCI 2015 (Part 2)

Posing with SGC Conference's Icon
We woke up early on Thursday, the second day of SGC Conference, to come to the keynote talk by Hideki Kimura, Professor Emeritus of Printmaking at Kyoto City University of the Arts. I saw his work in the LIFT exhibition and was really excited about his presentation. The talk gave me some interesting information on the development of contemporary printmaking in Japan such as the transition from traditional Ukyo-e technique and style to the creative use of printmaking processes like intaglio, litho, etc., and how contemporary Japanese printmakers utilize printmaking techniques and the production of multiples in their works.

Sneak peak at the Product, Publisher, and Program Fair

After Kimura's talk, I went to the Product, Publisher, and Program Fair and met
Gretchen Schermerhorn, currently the Artistic Director at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, MD. I was a workshop assistant for Gretchen's multi-pass monotype workshop at P.R.I.N.T. Press in 2012. I was happy to talk with her as I hadn't seen her since SGCI 2013. Gretchen told me quite some information about the Pyramid Atlantic. She also gave me information on a scholarship that the Pyramid Atlantic offered for a 2-week-program in Ireland this coming summer. It sounded really cool so I hope to bring some information back for other UNR students to apply.

Gretchen at her table

Table of the Smokey Road Press

A wood type vendor

While browsing through the Fair, I ran into some of my UNT folks and we spent a little bit time catching up with each other. I was glad to see some of my graduate friends from UNT. I really really missed them and it was great that I got to know some of the new grads at UNT this year. 

At the Fair, I was able to refrain from spending too much money on goodies. Instead, I got some Kozo papers, and a collection of buttons from various vendors/artists/etc. 

Erin and I met up again at the Fair and we went back to Hampton Inn for a little break. Our nap ended up taking longer than we had expected. So we woke up later and took the shuttle to downtown for a series of receptions and openings that night, including the Pioneer Monsters, Tease it to Jesus: A Portfolio of Dolly Parton Prints at Pioneer House, Ruth Weisberg: Time and Again at UT Downtown Gallery, Sampler: Work by Current UTK Printmaking Graduate Students at Gallery 1010, and some others at Emporium Gallery as well. 

Reception at Emporium Gallery

Emporium Gallery had some great ongoing exhibitions. I was surprised to see our visiting artist Sarah Bryant's works featured in Approximate Exactitude: The Diagram and the Book at Emporium. 

Biography by Sarah Bryant

Shift in Position by Sarah Bryant

Approximate Exactitude: The Diagram and the Book
I also met with my former professor from UNT, Andy DeCaen, whose work is featured in the 2015–2018 SGCI Members’ Exhibition. 

Measured, Minced, Mixed by Andy DeCaen

With Andy

That night, Erin and I got to see so much art! Below is some of my favorites from some of the opening. 

Fractured Memories: Living with Violence in México: Prints by Miguel A. Aragón
A print by Miguel A. Aragón
Stage by Jade Hoyer

Works by Tatiana Potts

Sea Nymph by Ruth Weisberg
Work by Linda Santana from the Portfolio of Dolly Parton Prints
The Pioneer House was really packed with crowds of people trying to come in and see the Dolly Parton Portfolio, which was organized by Margot Ecke of the Smokey Road Press. Margot was my instructor for the bookbinding booth-camp hosted by Frongman's Printmaking Workshop that I attended in 2013. I hadn't seen her after the workshop so it was great that I got to talk briefly with her before a huge crowd came in. The Pioneer House also showcased works from Sean Starwars and Tom Huck, with prints and goodies for sale. With a relatively small space, it quickly filled up with people trying to coming buying prints and looking at the Dolly Parton Portfolio. Overall, it was really really packed. We left the place after joining the UNT folk for another route of touring galleries and openings.

Tom Huck's prints

Works by Sean Starwars at the Pioneer House
With Luke & Willie from UNT

Later that night we also checked out the Print Fair/ Open House at Striped Light before going back to our hotel.

At the Happy Envelope open house

Stationery from the Happy Envelope

The Happy Envelope's Knoxville poster

(to be continue)

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