December 10, 2015

MFA Midway ∙ Student Annual Art Show ∙ Collaboration with Erin Wohletz

∙Recurring Dreams ∙ 

The Fall semester is coming to an end with some highlighted notes. After half a year preparing, I've successfully passed my MFA Midway Review with my solo exhibition "Recurring Dreams." This piece marks the start of a new body of work, where I experiment more with installation and focus more on the process making of my work. There are still a lot for me to figure out but I think it's a good start. I was happy to see my vision finally came to live. During the exhibition, I got the chance to meet and had critics with some visiting artists such as Emily Arthur and Philip Zimmermann. Both of them gave me great ideas and comments for future development of my work. I also received good feedback from my Thesis Committee about this new body of work. Overall, I think it was a good start. Now off to more work in this direction.

Here are some pictures of the opening. I'm thankful for endless supports from everyone, especially my teachers, my roommate Nhan Pham, my best friend Erin Wohletz, and my MFA family, especially Bahar Farahani and DePaul Vera.  Without them, I wouldn't be able to pull off this exhibition. 


After my MFA Midway, I started another collaboration with my best friend Erin Wohletz to enter the Annual Student Art Show at UNR hosted by Art Maniacs, UNR Art Club, this semester. Our piece is named "Abstraction." We incorporated both our strengths into this piece: Painting & Printmaking. We took inspiration from the tunnel book structure and decided to try on material (plexiglass) instead of traditional paper and canvas. We were honored that our piece got into the show and was chosen as one of the three Juror's Recognition Awards. Below are some pictures of the piece.

Erin & I with Kevin B. Chen, Juror of the Annual Student Art Show
Overall, I think I've had a great year so far. I'm thankful for everyone's support on this journey. Please come back for new updates on my work and exhibition. 

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